How to Take Care of Your Low Porosity Hair

I know the low porosity life is hard but here’s some tips to make it a little bit easier for you. 

1. Wash Day MUST BE Every 1-2 Weeks

Because products tend to sit on top of your hair shaft instead of penetrating through it, you are more likely to get product buildup which can lead to clogged hair follicles resulting in hair loss.

2. Clarify

Don’t only WASH your hair. Clarify it. You can do this by washing it with a CLARIFYING shampoo. Pay attention to the shampoos you use. Low porosity hair types don't benefit from moisturizing shampoos because they get their moisture from conditioning treatments. This hair type needs to focus on clarifying their hair because just as hard as it was to get moisture in, its just as hard to get product out.


You can also make a clarifying mask using varieties of clays such as bentonite, rhassoul, and many more. Our DETOX CLAY made with 100% sodium bentonite clay is perfect for clarifying. Just mix it with ACV and any oil of your choice (when making a clarifying mask always try it on one section of your hair first)

3. Use Lighter Products

Your hair type doesn’t need any heavy creams, oils, or conditioners. Your hair type does fine with leave-in conditioning sprays, hair milks, and light oils such as argan oil, grapeseed oil, and safflower oil


Our Aquarius Oil is made with light oils and is the perfect oil for low porosity hair types.


Don’t have a hair steamer? That’s ok. Leave your hair out while taking a hot shower. Steaming your hair opens up your hair cuticles up to accept moisture from your products, making your hair stay soft and moisturized longer.


I also want to mention that this hair type also benefits from washing their hair with warmer water because it has the same effect. Many believe that washing your hair with cold water is better but if you have low porosity cold water actually tightens your hair cuticles up more. Preventing it from intaking the hydration and moisture it needs


5. Use More Humectants

Humectants (also called moisture magnets) are put into cosmetic formulations to hold moisture in place. Low porosity hair types may need to use it separately as part of their styling routine. So instead of LOC (liquid, oil, cream) try LHOC.


Honey is a GREAT humectant because it also promotes strength and shine. If you're vegan, an alternative for you can be vegetable glycerin


  1. Clarify your hair with warm water. If you are doing a clarifying mask, rinse your hair with warm water before and after
  2. Apply conditioner of your choice and condition with heat. Steam, under the dryer, the greenhouse method (shower cap), etc
  3. Rinse with cool water
  4. Style using the LHOC method
    • Liquid
    • Humectant
    • Oil
    • Cream

Signs You Have Low Porosity Hair

  • You tend to have product buildup often
  • Certain hair products/oils just sit on top of your head (white cast)
  • Your hair is either too oily or too dry. You often struggle to find a balance
  • Your hair takes about 3-5 business days to dry (exaggerating lol but you get what I'm saying)
  • You struggle to find the PERFECT conditioner
  • Your hair can't stay moisturized for long