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How to Take Care of Your High Porosity Hair

Just found out you have high porosity hair and don't know how to process that information? Don't worry. I did all the hard work for you. Below are the product types high porosity hair types should look into as well as a pre-made routine for you to follow as a base.  Here are some signs that you may be high porosity: Looks and feels dry (rarely shiny) Tangles easily Prone to breakage Absorbs products quickly You hair air dries quicker FRIZZ. FRIZZ. FRIZZ Want to know your hairs porosity level? Check out our step-by-step porosity test guide.     Moisturizing Shampoo Unlike low porosity hair types, you need a shampoo that is rich in oils and can moisturize your hair while...

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5 Internal Reasons Your Natural Hair Isn't Growing

1. Lack of/Imbalance of Vitamins + Nutrients Just like your immune system needs to be strong in order to protect the body from getting sick, your integumentary system (consists of hair, skin, and nails) needs certain vitamins in order for it to stay strong and immune to hazards that result in unhealthy hair. To fix this issue, try to have a more balanced diet with foods that are high in vitamins A, B (especially biotin), D, iron, and protein. Supplements are not suggested because you can intake TOO MUCH of a certain vitamins between the food and the supplements which can result in weak hair because it was too much for your hair to handle.   2. Stress and Anxiety...

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