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Our aromatherapy mists were all made with a specific issue to tackle in mind. The three scentz we have are WAKE-UP CALL, ENERGY RESET, and TRANQUILITY.


2 oz


Wake-Up Call: Clear vodka, grapefruit essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, and peppermint essential oil

Energy Reset: Clear vodka, sage infused water, cinnamon essential oil

Tranquility: Clear vodka, lavendar essential oil, amber essential oil, and vanilla essential oil


Wake-Up Call: When you wake up in the morning or in an unfocused state of mind, spray "Wake-Up Call" around you and recite this affirmation 3 times for awareness and focus:

"I am capable, resilient, and fully present in this moment, ready to tackle any challenge with clarity and determination"

Energy Reset: Before spraying this mist, make sure the space you intend to us it in is clear. Even if you want to spray it on yourself, make sure your mind is clear before doing so. After clearing your space, recite the affirmation 3 times below and spray the area with intention:

"I release negative energy and invite positivity to flow abundantly within and around me."

TranquilityStressed? Overstimulated? Struggling with having peaceful sleep? Spray this mist into your hands and massage your temples and lymph nodes while reciting the affirmation 3 times below:

"I embrace tranquility, letting go of worry and allowing my mind to find peace in the present moment."

You can also spray this mist on your pillows before you go to sleep for a more relaxed sleep experience.


SHELF LIFE: 1 year (keep product away from direct sunlight)


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