About Me

Smooth-EZ L.L.C is an all-natural cosmetic company based in New Jersey. I started this company to provide my community with non-toxic cosmetics and educate them on . All of my products are vegan, cruelty-free, and made with all natural ingredients. Growing up in a Haitian household, I constantly saw how my family used herbs and oils to heal, so when my hair was at its worst I fell back on old family traditions. This is why the theme for my brand is tropical and colorful because I wanted to honor my family. 

After 8 months of making products in my home, I have been blessed with a space to not only make products but also distribute them out to my community. The ultimate goal for my company is to not only provide non-toxic organic products to my community but to also educate them on how to be a smart consumer which includes how to read ingredient labels, how to identify certain mechanics of your hair, etc. As someone who has struggled to learn about how to take care of my own hair, I feel that I owe it to my community to share what I learned to prevent them from making the same natural hair mistakes as I did. So their natural hair experience can also be SMOOTH and EZ. 



Eirvkha Prophete

CEO and Founder of Smooth-EZ L.L.C.